Waterproof Stickers and Weatherproof Stickers

Will your stickers be appearing in the great outdoors? Or perhaps you work in an environment that is exposed to the elements?

With our 100% waterproof custom stickers from Abacas Studios, it might as well be sunshine every day.

Even in stormy weather, our stickers will remain waterproof no matter what.

Our permanent and removable weatherproof stickers tick all the boxes – they don’t just protect against wet weather, but can even be used on underwater equipment or popped into a dishwasher.

Our waterproof stickers can be used for a multitude of applications, including:

  • Marine test/Scuba diving equipment
  • Boats
  • Car stickers
  • Bike stickers
  • Surfboard stickers
  • Alarm boxes
  • Wet Rooms

As with all our vinyl stickers, these weatherproof stickers are made with waterproof acrylic adhesive. This means they can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions and stay as vibrant as they day they were applied.

Super-tough weatherproof stickers.

Our weatherproof and waterproof stickers will adhere to almost any clean and smooth surface, from painted metal to glass.

Not only are they waterproof: they’re also scratch, heat and scuff resistant. Nothing can touch these stickers!

Tried and Tested Waterproof Stickers.

Abacas Studios rigorously test all our weatherproof and waterproof sticker options, to ensure they are of the highest quality. We use exterior-grade, self-adhesive vinyl for all weatherproof stickers.

Our Weatherproof Stickers in Action.

Don’t just take our word for it- why not check out our waterproof stickers in action? We think you’ll agree they look fantastic.

Weatherproof and Waterproof Sticker Specifications.

  • Weatherproof stickers made and cut to any size or shape
  • Sizes starting at 10mm x 10mm, all the way up to 1568mm x 9900mm – yes, that’s almost 10m.
  • Any spot colour from the Pantone colour chart, as well as a full colour option that will ensure your image really stands out, no matter what the weather. We can print up to 1440dpi.
  • White, gold or silver, glossy transparent or matt white vinyl.
  • Several different sticker designs on the same sheet.
  • Consecutively numbered stickers – for example, if you’re ordering stickers to be used as permits.

What Customers Think of Our Waterproof Stickers.

Our customers have given us an average rating of 9.9 out of 10, based on 185 reviews. All of our reviews are genuine and submitted via TrustPilot.

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Example Waterproof Sticker Artwork

Waterproof and weatherproof Stickers

Quality & Customer Service

We’ve been printing on self-adhesive vinyl and specialist papers and foils for our customers since 1998, and we’ve been expanding our print methods regularly since then. Our print quality is to the highest industry standard and considered by print experts and our customers to be excellent. We make sure that our customer service is as good as our products and we will keep you informed about the progress of your print order and sort out any problems quickly and fairly.