Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers

Are you looking for a creative way to shout about your brand, or perhaps you need a large amount of stock labelling? Then look no further than the wide range of custom vinyl stickers and labels from Abacas Studios.

We’ve been printing premium quality vinyl stickers and labels for more than ten years, and we pride ourselves on offering a huge range of superb options for clients to choose from. Cut to any size or shape, and with pixel-perfect reproductions of your original artwork, we can provide vibrant stickers that can withstand even the harshest environments.

Our self-adhesive vinyl stickers are digitally printed in Spot or Full Colour, Screen printed in spot colours or Litho printed in spot or full colour. We produce printed stickers suitable for interior and exterior use. Whether you need a waterproof sticker solution for product Branding, promotion or advertising, our vinyl stickers are perfect for the task. Vinyl wall stickers (repositionable to allow you to move them at will), boat stickers for branding (with or without sequential numbering) skateboard and snowboard stickers are a great way to personalise your equipment and machine stickers are perfect for identification as they are completely waterproof and oil resistant, we also produce stickers for Go Karts, race cars and motorbikes, these are just a few of the many different uses for printed vinyl stickers.

Our stickers are digitally printed and can be contour kiss cut to any shape or size, allowing you to be as creative as you like with your design and can be printed in full colour at no extra cost.

Our car stickers are particularly popular, and are available for windows, bumpers and doors.


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Our Printing Process

We print your custom vinyl stickers to the highest standard using the latest technological developments in digital printing. Our advanced equipment includes:

  • State-of-the-art ROLAND VS-640 digital printers – used for small runs
  • Semi-automatic screen print machine – for medium runs of spot colour labels
  • High-speed HP INDIGO WS6600p digital presses – for printing medium to long runs of full colour stickers.

We print in a huge range of colours, including metallic, and we always ensure to match colours to the Pantone colour range. Our printers are equipped with white ink, as well as the regular colours used, which enables us to produce perfect digital printed full colour transparent stickers. We can carry out double-sided sticker printing too – perfect for windows!

Sticker Specifications

We print vinyl stickers from 8mm x 8mm up to 1568mm x 9900mm depending on the materials. Stickers can be printed in spot or full colour, with Pantone colour matching. Choose a standard size and shape, or personalise your stickers entirely with a custom option to fit your artwork.

We can supply ‘singles’ or sheets for smaller stickers, and we can print multiple designs per page, or we can supply stickers and labels on rolls for longer production runs – just let us know what’s easiest for you.

Choose from glossy white vinyl, matt white vinyl, gold or silver vinyl or transparent vinyl – all with different choices of adhesive.

How to apply self-adhesive vinyl stickers

Our vinyl stickers can be applied dry or wet. Small stickers are normally applied dry. Just peel them off the sheet and stick them down.

Clear stickers may be applied wet. The advantage is that there will be no air bubbles and they dry crystal clear. Larger stickers, whether white or clear, are better and more easily applied wet.

How to apply wet

For example a 600×600 mm sticker on Perspex

  1. Mix up a solution. Half fill a 2 litre plastic ‘Coke’ bottle with cold tap water. Add a small squirt of Fairy dish washing up liquid (or similar). Shake the bottle really hard, so that the water goes slightly green and the top half of the bottle is filled with suds.
  2. Put the Perspex on a bench. Place the sticker face down on the Perspex. Peel the backing sheet away, leaving the adhesive on the sticker exposed. Pour the solution on to the adhesive. Work it in to the adhesive using your fingers and palm of your hand. The wetter the better. For small stickers, just dip them in the solution.
  3. Turn the sticker over on to the Perspex. Pour more of the solution on to the face of the print. Using the palm of your hand and fingers gently ease as much of the fluid that’s on the adhesive side, out to the edges, so that the sticker lays flat.
  4. Place the backing sheet on to the face of the print. Use a squeegee (that we can supply) to squeeze the remaining fluid out, working from the centre.
  5. Dry the surface with a towel. Be careful not to damage the face of the print.

When the sticker dries out, the adhesion will be strong, just as if it had been applied dry.

How to remove the stickers

Our vinyl stickers will not fall off, if correctly applied as above. They are designed to be removed relatively easily at the end of their useful life. On a warm day the stickers will peel off fairly easily. On a cold day apply gentle heat from a hair dryer as you peel them. Clean any residue of adhesive with a cloth soaked in meths.

Confused by the vast array of choices? Please give us a call and we can advise you on the best option for your custom stickers. We’ll even send you some samples if you like!