Gold and Silver Stickers & Labels

Gold and Silver Stickers & Labels

High quality gloss print on gloss, exterior grade, self adhesive gold and silver stickers gives a fantastic look to your promotional stickers and labels.

We print gold and silver stickers with thin, semi transparent ink, which, when applied to silver vinyl makes the colours appear metallic and vibrant.

Silver Vinyl Stickers

Gold & Silver Vinyl Stickers

The silver background gives a stainless steel effect.

Gold Vinyl Stickers

Gold Vinyl Stickers and Labels

The gold background gives a polished brass effect.

    • Sizes from 8mm by 8mm up to 720mm by 1000mm
    • Colours from the Pantone Colour Charts – but influenced by the metallic substrate; talk to us about the effect you are trying to achieve and we can probably help!
    • Smaller stickers are normally supplied as multiples per sheet, but we can do “singles” if you request it
    • We can do multiple designs per sheet
    • We can cut to shape – round, or with a stencil outline, it’s up to you!

Quality & Customer Service

We’ve been printing on self-adhesive vinyl and specialist papers and foils for our customers since 1998, and we’ve been expanding our print methods regularly since then. Our print quality is to the highest industry standard and considered by print experts and our customers to be excellent. We make sure that our customer service is as good as our products and we will keep you informed about the progress of your print order and sort out any problems quickly and fairly.