Car Window Stickers

Car Window Stickers

Whether you’re advertising a product or a proud member of an organisation, you can rely on our eye-catching car window stickers to attract attention.  With permanent or ‘peelable’ options, our purpose-made stickers for car windows come in a range of different shapes and sizes designed to suit your requirements. We’re experienced in printing your artwork with acute attention to detail – leaving you with a high quality custom car window sticker.

We print a whole range of car window stickers, with permanent and temporary options available depending on your needs. With vibrant colours and opaque or transparent options, here at Abacas, we create the car window sticker solution that’s right for you.

Custom car window stickers can be printed for advertising and membership, etc. We can also print car windscreen parking permits (call us for details) but they use a different technology, as do external car stickers and labels, such as car bumper stickers and car door advertising stickers – see our other pages for those types of vinyl sticker for sizes and artwork requirements.


  • We digitally print stickers of any size of shape, from 25mm x 25mm up to 1568mm x 9900mm.
  • We offer spot colour or full colour printing, using colours from the Pantone colour chart.
  • Choose the option that suits your needs – from permanent self-adhesive stickers, double sided stickers to static cling stickers with no adhesive at all.
  • We offer clear vinyl film printed and backed with white to make the entire design opaque – or you can choose to include transparent areas, according to your artwork.

Self-Adhesive Window Stickers

Perfect for short and long-term use, these self-adhesive car window stickers are non-reusable but highly durable. Reverse printed in full colour, with white or clear background (all colour is backed up with white to avoid light show through), they are designed to be placed on the inside of your car window, to be seen from the exterior. Easy to peel from your windows, these stickers leave almost no mess – any residual adhesive can be removed with a small amount of meths or a drop of petrol. It’s a simple way to promote your business or make a statement wherever you go!

We can sequentially number your car window stickers or car parking permits.

Self-Cling Car Window Stickers

These innovative stickers cling to windows without the need for adhesive – great if you have a hire car or the need to change stickers on a regular basis. These self-cling stickers can be printed in full colour onto white or clear vinyl, and the printed side is applied to the inside of the window, to be seen from outside.

Double sided Self-Adhesive Stickers

Double sided window stickers have all the benefits of self-adhesive window stickers with the added bonus of having your message seen on both sides of the window – you can even have a different message on each side if required!

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Quality & Customer Service

We’ve been printing on self-adhesive vinyl and specialist papers and foils for our customers since 1998, and we’ve been expanding our print methods regularly since then. Our print quality is to the highest industry standard and considered by print experts and our customers to be excellent. We make sure that our customer service is as good as our products and we will keep you informed about the progress of your print order and sort out any problems quickly and fairly.