Artwork Requirements

Artwork that has been produced in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photo-Paint, Photoshop, or on any other quality arts package on a PC (or Mac, which must be prepared for printing on a PC), can be sent on a CD/DVD or by email.

We can print Vector Outline Format and Bitmap artwork. View more information on our printing methods.

Vector Outline Format

In Adobe Illustrator (CMYK or RGB, not both), InDesign, Corel Draw or other similar quality arts packages, all artwork produced using text or the square, circle or pen tools at the side of the page is saved automatically in vector format.

Fill all text and shapes with the appropriate colour. You can also incorporate a photo or drawing as a bitmap. Select all text in Illustrator or InDesign and create outlines. In Corel Draw select all text and convert to curves. Please ensure that all the artwork i.e. clipping masks or parts that are hidden from view are contained within the cut shape or including any bleed.

Save the whole job actual size as .eps, .ai or .pdf in Adobe Illustrator CS4 or lower, as a .pdf in InDesign4 or as a .cdr in CorelDraw X4 or lower.

If you send a .jpeg by email or a print in the post, we can visually check that nothing has moved. Artwork produced in vector format will result in much sharper printed text, particularly very small lettering.


In Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint or other similar quality arts packages, generate all photos and images actual size, add text and colour backgrounds etc and save the whole job as a .jpeg at 300 dpi, Photoshop (.PSD .PDD) CPT Corel PHOTO-PAINT image or .tiff* .gif .png or .bmp etc.

*.tiff artwork can result in dramatic colour changes when we print which we may not be aware of. We prefer bitmaps to be supplied as a high quality .jpeg.

Cutting Shapes

In Illustrator, InDesign or Corel Draw (not PhotoShop or Photo-Paint) use the square, circle or pen tool at the side of the page to create the desired shape to be cut, as a fine stroke/hairline in any colour. We manually change the colour to a special colour, our cutter then follows these vector outlines. We will create the artwork for all simple shapes such as rectangles, circles or ovals etc. We can create complex cutting shapes subject to quote. Create artwork actual size and include exactly 1mm for any bleed.


The full Pantone solid coated colours and Pantone Metallic ranges are available.

Other Considerations

We prefer artwork produced in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photo-Paint or Photoshop as above. Artwork produced in Word, Publisher, PowerPoint or Excel can often cause us problems and often we have to reset it in Illustrator or Corel Draw. If we don’t have the exact font that you have used, it will be substituted with one that may be totally different. We use Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel and the full Microsoft Office on Windows XP Professional. Please send all images in the artwork separately as a .jpeg.

We can accept .pdf files, but please ensure that all text has been selected and outlines created. Please send actual size.

We output Corel Draw x4 or Adobe Illustrator CS4 directly to our printers.

Contact Us

If you are confused by anything on this page, but want to prepare artwork for us to print and need a little help, please call our sales department on 01908 520920 (Direct line Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.)