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Pantone Colour Chart

Pantone Solid Coated Colours & Spot Colours for Vinyl, Security and Paper Stickers

Pantone Colour Chart

Pantone Colour Chart

Pantone Solid Coated colours print quite well and most of them are fairly accurate, however due to vagaries as a result of machine settings and the type of stock we print on, colours may visually change slightly. Some colours tend to appear a couple of shades lighter, others darker than the Pantone Coated colour charts.

Normally this is perfectly acceptable, but if the shade of colour is critical to you, then please contact us at the time of ordering so that we can endeavour to get it right for you.

Please remember that the colours that you see on your Pantone colour chart are what you would expect to see when printed by litho on a certain type of coated (or uncoated) board. We print digitally onto vinyl, so the density, depth, shade, colour and general appearance will differ from your Pantone colour charts. Also, colours in artwork printed by your laser or inkjet printer onto paper may also appear differently to our vinyl stickers.

We have printed The Pantone Matching colours in Corel Draw, and the Pantone Solid Coated colours in Illustrator, on to the vinyl that we normally print on, and we can match the colour that you want by eye and insert it in to your artwork.

We can change colours in vector artwork only, not bitmaps (.jpeg or .gif etc)