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Personalised Wedding Stickers

Planning a wedding or bridal shower and are thinking about the little details that make your day extra special?

Showing your appreciation for your guests never goes unnoticed, which is where ‘wedding favours’ come in…

While traditionally guests were given bags of sugared almonds, representing health, wealth, happiness long life and fertility, people give all sorts of small gifts nowadays to show their gratitude, from candles to pot plants.

This practice doesn’t just take place at weddings and bridal showers, but engagement parties, anniversaries and baby showers.

The easiest way to customise and personalise your wedding favours is by using stickers, particularly for glass wedding favours.

If you’re giving your guests a small gift on their table, Abacas Studios can make it extra special.

At Abacas Studios, we specialise in producing high quality clear vinyl stickers for all kinds of gifts, including glass wedding favours, and can produce stickers with variable data; for instance, we can include a different name on each sticker to make the favour personalised for each guest.
We also have wall stickers that would be excellent for a wedding reception.

Our stickers are perfect for wedding favours because they are economical, easy to apply and instantly personable. Your stickers can be colourful, pretty, fun and creative, while being highly affordable at the same time.

Bespoke Wedding Stickers
Wedding Stickers