Promotional Stickers

Stickers are a fun and creative way to get your message seen all over the place. Our high quality promotional stickers can be handed out anywhere- a school, office or tradeshow; and because they’re self-adhesive, they will deliver a message that really sticks!

Why pick Abacas Studios for your promotional stickers?

Abacas Studios offer both years of experience and a huge amount of choice. Our team have spent many years printing promotional stickers for a wide range of businesses, services and products.

A massive range of options for promotional stickers.

We provide a variety of different options, including car stickers, which are fantastic for promoting your brand when you’re on-the-go.

Our window stickers, meanwhile, are fantastic for your shop display, whether you have a special discount or permanent message you want to convey. Decorating your windows with colourful, eye-catching promotional stickers is a guaranteed way to attract attention.

Our paper stickers are excellent for promotional purposes at special events. With Abacas Studios, you can order anything from printed lapel badges to bunting. From gold and silver options to matt finishes, the sheer variety we offer is huge.

Want to know more? Check out examples of our promotional stickers.

Below you can view examples of our promotional stickers, with everything from spot colour to full colour printing. We think you’ll agree, they’re both eye-catching and memorable!

Promotional Stickers

Abacas Studios offer exterior grade and self-adhesive, with the option for permanent or removable stickers. No matter how long your promotion lasts, we can help.

What do customers think of our promotional stickers?

We have an average rating of 9.9 on TrustPilot from over 180 genuine reviews.

You can view all of our reviews on our TrustPilot page.

Quality & Customer Service

We’ve been printing on self-adhesive vinyl and specialist papers and foils for our customers since 1998, and we’ve been expanding our print methods regularly since then. Our print quality is to the highest industry standard and considered by print experts and our customers to be excellent. We make sure that our customer service is as good as our products and we will keep you informed about the progress of your print order and sort out any problems quickly and fairly.