Sticker Printing

When choosing a waterproof sticker printer/manufacturer, it is very important to understand the variable qualities of print available. Many sticker makers use digital inkjet printers but the quality of print will vary hugely depending on many factors. For instance, just because the machine is capable of printing at 1440dpi does not mean that the printing of your stickers will be at that resolution. Some printers may well set their machines to run at 450 x 360dpi, which will greatly increase output for them and enable them to offer low prices but with much reduced quality. It is, therefore, crucial to obtain samples of previous work carried out by sticker printing companies.

There are other considerations to take into account when ordering your printed vinyl stickers from a sticker printer. Most digital printer’s print using CMYK ink formats (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) – this format is fine for small stickers in solid colours, with no gradients (fades) but does not give the best print result for full colour printing or the printing of light pastel shades. Abacas Studios Ltd has the most up to date printing technology available which uses CMYKLcLmMtW (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black,Light Cyan,Light Magenta,Metallic and White) this enables us to digitally print your stickers perfectly, no matter how complex they are and we are happy to supply examples of our high quality Vinyl Stickers.

Some Stickers are better suited to be Screen printed or Litho Printed depending on the size, number of colours and quantity of stickers required. Very long runs of stickers, including Car Window Stickers printed on self-adhesive or self-cling vinyl, product stickers and paper lapel stickers can also be printed using UV high speed letter press equipment. Abacas Studios Ltd will always offer the best method available to print your stickers and labels, matching the most cost effective solution whilst providing the best quality Sticker Printing available.